It has been twelve years since Lea was so desperately ill in Hartford Hospital, and the generosity of my friends and family during that time (and after) makes my heart swell with pride and gratitude. Thank you!

You may recall that in 2008, Lea and I started putting our personal home recipes in what we dubbed an online cookbook posted at this address. The project was intended as a rehabilitative process for her, and I think, worked well, as we later went on to cook for large dinners (50-100 diners) at our church for several years.

Our cookbook has grown to hundreds of main-dish items, and dozens upon dozens of other recipes from soups to salads, and include additional contributions from family members, and dozens of recipes we have acquired from friends and neighbors we used over the past 4-5 decades. Since 2008 we have cooked those recipes again in order to photograph the results to communicate the appeal of each dish.

Thank you for your interest in our cookbook! Please visit us at the new, resigned recipe site, at which will permanently replace when that address expires in the coming year. Don’t forget to “follow” the new recipe site to continue receiving our updates, and we hope you’ll enjoy the more expansive “search” function located at the bottom left of the page.

Thanks again,
Lea and Larry Vaughn